This is going to be long and 18+ language will be used. Brace yourself.

In all honesty; if I know what I know now, I would never have started a company. I don’t know what I would have done but definitely not trying to build a Fintech company.

I went in clueless and just to illustrate how clueless I was, I was already building the company before I knew the word Fintech. See, I am not among the lucky chaps that got inspired by Steve Jobs to change the world or anything like that. I was just a naive bomboclat…

For me,

Friendship is that I can trust to be a burden on you and that you’ll trust me to bring your burdens to me too.

That we’ll always look out for and want the best for one another even in our most selfish moments.

That you’ll hold my secrets and confide in me with yours and our happy moments will be shared with friendly envy.

That I can ask you about things I don’t know and you don’t feel shy to admit ignorance to me.

That our arguments are respectful and forgiveness is easy.

That we are a safe…

Zuckerberg might not be your hero of ethics, but do you think he imagined how Facebook would be a force good and evil in almost equal measure? Did Kevin Systrom know that a product for sharing digital post cards would ever make people depressed and suicidal. Did the Snapchat founding team know that there’ll be a mental health challenge called Snapchat Dysphormia?

We build mostly for the good the product can bring and how impactful the ripple effects of it would be. How powerful. How beautiful. How it would make the world a little bit better. …

You know how a person can know if they are progressing or regressing in life and it can either make them feel elated, motivated or sad? There’s a mid level that comes with a mid feeling that is worse than either. For a few months now, I have struggled with this strange feeling.

I’m stuck.

And it’s not just in one aspect of my life, it’s almost like it’s everything. I wake up on most mornings and feel no motivation. Doing work is just a filler for my day. …

In Nigeria, four out of five people who are working are working for themselves, there is an estimated 1 to 5 business to persons ratio and it is the largest economy in Africa at $410 billion U.S dollars. Yet, Nigeria ranks as 131 out of 190 countries on the world ease of doing business index (2019 ranking) and 21 in Africa. We have a score of 56.9, well below the OECD average of 78.4 and global average of 63, but above the sub Saharan average of 51.8.

How do we have so many businesses, if doing business is so hard?

In places like Nigeria, we tend to vilify credit and lending. Borrowing can be seen as shameful and lenders, accosted as Shylock. But Credit might be just the fuel we need to accelerate the growth of our economy. In fact, it might be a tipping factor.

Credit, for the sake of clarity is a transaction between the lender and borrower, where the borrower agrees to pay back the money in the future, usually with an interest. The lender can be anyone including the government and the borrower can be anyone; again including the government.

Credit leads to an increase in…

He tossed and turned. It was a pattern of movement he had become accustomed to. His days were for hushed conversations and sleeping; and his nights were for battling his demons, restless movements and ceiling staring. A mosquito wheezed past his ear but he didn’t care to slap it away. His chest was wet from sweat; like every other night, there was power outage. His throat was dry but he had no desire and strength to have it moisturized. He tossed again. His trousers were uncomfortable but he couldn’t take it off, his son was sleeping by his side —…

If you are reading this, you already know the basics of peer to peer lending; thank you for saving me the stress of definitions and explanations. You probably are just focused on how it works; saving me the stress again, of writing history and dramatics. So let’s just rush into the nitty gritty.


Some history and dramatics

If you used Google to check the history of peer to peer lending, it would tell you about Zopa launching in the UK in 2005, Prosper in 2006 in the USA and go on to talk about the financial crises of the 2000s and all that…

Disclaimer: I am not a banker, I don’t have a degree in finance, I have not built a successful bank and I’m basically still struggling to grasp and grow. This is also very simplistic. If you still care to read then, thank you.

If you wanted to start a bank about one or two decades ago, you will need lots of money, lots of experience, a marvelous network of people and it would still take you some time and a lot of moving around. With the rise of technological acceptance by consumers and a plummet in the price of technology…

A virtuous woman

When I was 15 and about to wrap up secondary school, I had a solid plan for my life. Get an LLB in 5 years, go to law school then get married. My dad told me the higher the education or professional status a woman had, the more her marriage pool thins out, so I really just wanted to get married at that educational level. I also wanted to have kids pretty early. For two reasons; I think it’s great if a woman who wants to have kids could have them early enough so that as she…

Mejero Emmanuella

Don’t take me too seriously but always take me seriously. I write about entrepreneurship, my life and my opinions; Random stuff

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